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01. What is the IRS Form 4506-T?
02. How long does it take to receive transcripts?
03. How is T4506.com able to complete 4506-T Requests so fast?
04. Can I contact the IRS directly to receive the transcripts?
05. What is the difference between the IRS Form 4506 and the IRS Form 4506-T?
06. What is the difference between a Copy of the IRS Tax Return and an IRS Tax Transcript?
07. How long is the signature date on the 4506-T good for?
08. How much does it cost to place an order?
09. How do I pay?
10. Are there any Fees to Setup a Corporate Account?
11. How do you place an IRS Form 4506-T Order?
12. How are the IRS Transcripts Delivered?
13. How many years of tax information can I request?
14. The Tax Payer Filed an Extension this Past Tax Year. How long does it take the IRS to add the Return to their Database?
15. What are some of the reasons why an IRS Form 4506-T are rejected or not processed?
16. If there is a problem with my order how will I be notified?
17. Can I speak to a live person at T4506.com?